Rebuilding Our Communities through Cooperative Principles

Join us for an engaging and insightful webinar on empowering communities through the principles of cooperation. In this event, we will explore how cooperatives leverage collective resources, skills, and knowledge to meet common needs and achieve shared goals.

Cooperatives have a rich history of fostering inclusive and equitable economic development, and this webinar aims to shed light on the transformative power of cooperative principles in building resilient communities. We will learn the core values of cooperatives, such as shared control, member participation, and equitable benefit distribution We’ll also examine their profound impact on local economies and social well-being.

During this Webinar

Throughout the webinar, esteemed speakers with extensive experience in the cooperative sector will share their insights, practical examples, and success stories. They will discuss the importance of collective action in addressing community challenges, highlight case studies of cooperatives engaged in collective purchasing and selling, and emphasize the significance of mutual support and collaboration among members.

Moreover, we will analyze the shared governance structures that empower individuals to actively participate in decision-making processes that ensure inclusivity and foster a sense of ownership within cooperative enterprises. The equitable distribution of benefits among members will also be explored, showcasing how this practice contributes to long-term sustainability and strengthens cooperative communities.

Whether you are a cooperative, community leader, entrepreneur, or simply interested in changing your community, this webinar will provide you with valuable insights and inspiration. You will gain practical knowledge on how cooperative principles can be applied in diverse sectors, including agriculture, finance, retail, and housing, to uplift communities and create positive social impact.

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Event Speakers

  • Host – Leah Wells, Founder & CEO of Table Eleven
  • Speaker – Phillip Hale, Founder & CEO of SHYNZ
  • Speaker – Jelessa Jackson, Founder & CEO of Melegance LLC

Key Knowledge

  • Cooperatives and how they function.
  • The 7 cooperative principles.
  • Historical facts and examples of cooperatives.
  • Practical strategies for creating and nurturing successful cooperatives.
  • Real-world examples of cooperative development and collaboration.

Event Agenda

Introduction and Welcome

  Opening remarks by the host, Leah Wells

  • Introduce the topic of the webinar: Empowering Communities through Cooperative Principles

Speaker: Phillip Hale – Exploring Cooperative Uses Across Industries, Historical Significance, and Cultural Impact

  • Overview of the diverse industries where cooperatives thrive
  • Historical and cultural references highlighting the significance of cooperatives
  • Examples of successful cooperative enterprises across different sectors
  • Q&A Session with Phillip Hale

Speaker: Jaleesa Jackson – Creating Thriving Cooperatives: Strategies and Insights

  • Practical strategies for creating and nurturing successful cooperatives
  • Real-world examples of cooperative development and collaboration
  • Key factors for building resilient and thriving cooperative enterprises
  • Q&A Session with Jaleesa Jackson

Speaker: Phillip Hale – Notable Case Studies: Successful Cooperatives and Community Impact

  • Showcasing inspiring case studies of cooperative enterprises
  • Examining their impact on communities and the wider society
  • Lessons learned and key takeaways from successful cooperative models

Speaker: Phillip Hale – Thriving Together: Building Successful and Resilient Cooperatives

  • Exploring factors that contribute to the long-term success of cooperatives
  • Strategies for fostering collaboration, overcoming challenges, and building strong networks
  • Promoting the concept of cooperatives working together for mutual growth and sustainability
  • Q&A Session with all speakers

  Closing Q&A Participants can ask questions to any of the speakers or engage in group discussions

Join us as we explore the cooperative’s potential to transform communities, promote economic resilience, and empower individuals. Let’s come together to discover how cooperation can be a driving force in building inclusive and sustainable futures for our community.

Join us Thursday July 6th 2023 @ 1PM
Rebuilding Our Communities through Cooperative Principles

Building a Shared Wealth Network