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4 AI tools to increase your Productivity

Why use AI?

Leveraging AI can allow individuals, organizations, and governments to focus on higher-value work, improve efficiency and competitiveness, and deliver better services. It is crucial to maintain a balance between AI and human collaboration to harness the full potential of AI while preserving the unique capabilities of humans. Here are our chief editors top 4 AI tools for increasing you productivity and stepping up your game:

1. Chat GPT

Tool Type – AI Chat Assistant

ChatGPT is a revolutionary AI chat assistant that empowers users with text-based tasks through its easy-to-use chat dialogue application. With its extensively trained (LLM) Language Learning Model, it can perform a wide range of tasks, including coding and blog editing.

Screen Shot of Chat GPT Prompt 2
Chat GPT
Chat GPT created the Mid Journey prompt for image below

Key Features

  • Conversational AI: ChatGPT can engage in conversations on any topic and perform complex tasks.
  • Model Selection: Users can choose between various versions of GPT 3.5 and GPT 4 to suit their specific needs.
  • GPT 4 API Integration: The GPT 4 API allows seamless connection with thousands of services, expanding its capabilities for different workflows and tasks.
  • Versatile Application: ChatGPT is adept at enhancing productivity, streamlining communication, and providing instant support for various tasks.

Best For

  • Writing Assistance: ChatGPT excels at providing writing assistance. Whether you need help with creative writing, drafting professional documents, or generating content for blogs, ChatGPT’s language learning model is trained to assist you in formulating coherent and engaging text.
  • Coding Support: ChatGPT is capable of assisting with coding tasks. It can provide suggestions, code snippets, and help troubleshoot coding issues. By leveraging its extensive training, ChatGPT can enhance your coding experience and support you in developing software and applications.
  • Blog Editing: With ChatGPT, you can receive valuable assistance in editing and refining your blog posts. Its language learning model can help improve grammar, structure, and overall clarity, ensuring that your blog content is polished and ready to be published.

Pricing = Free

Free Trial = Yes,Free Version

Visit Chat GPT Website

2. Mid Journey

Tool Type – AI Image Generator

Mid Journey is an AI text-to-image generator that empowers users to create captivating and unique visuals. With its text prompt to AI image generation, endless creative potential, and high-resolution output, it is the ultimate choice for stunning AI-generated images, making a lasting impression on viewers. Ideal for social media, marketing, and branding purposes.

Logo created using Mid Journey
Image created using Mid Journey

Key Features

  • Text Prompt to AI Image Generation: Users can provide text prompts and Mid Journey generates corresponding high-resolution images.
  • Endless Potential with Prompts: Users can explore limitless creative possibilities by experimenting with different prompts and receiving up to four images per prompt.
  • High-Resolution Output: Mid Journey delivers high-quality, detailed images suitable for various purposes, such as social media, websites, and marketing materials.

Best For

  • Creating Captivating Visuals: Mid Journey is perfect for individuals and businesses looking to create visually stunning and attention-grabbing AI-generated images.
  • Social Media Engagement: Users can leverage Mid Journey’s unique images to increase engagement on social media platforms by posting captivating and shareable content.
  • Marketing and Branding: Mid Journey offers a powerful tool for marketers to create eye-catching visuals that align with their brand and attract audience attention.

Pricing = Starts at $10.00

Free Trial = No

Visit Mid Journey Website

3. D-ID

Tool Type – AI Video Generator

D-ID empowers users to transform pictures and videos into extraordinary experiences through its advanced generative AI. With features like talking avatars, real-time face animation, and a self-service studio, D-ID enables cost-effective and engaging video production, making it a preferred choice for creators, marketing agencies, and social media platforms worldwide.

D-ID Video Library
D-ID Generative AI

Key Features

  • Generative AI: D-ID’s advanced generative AI technology enables users to transform any picture or video into extraordinary experiences.
  • Talking Avatars: Create and interact with talking avatars at the touch of a button, enhancing engagement and reducing costs.
  • Real-time Face Animation: D-ID’s web app uses real-time face animation and advanced text-to-speech to create an immersive and human-like conversational AI experience.
  • Self-Service Studio: Supercharged with Stable Diffusion and GPT, the self-service studio allows users to turn their ideas into stunning personalized videos that are cost-effective and engaging.

Best For

  • Creators, Marketing Agencies, and Production Companies: D-ID’s technology is used by creators, leading marketing agencies, and production companies to enhance their visual content and create immersive experiences.
  • Social Media Platforms: D-ID’s capabilities are ideal for social media platforms seeking to provide users with interactive and engaging features like talking avatars.
  • Anyone in Need of Cost-Effective Video Production: D-ID’s tools and features enable users to reduce the cost and hassle of video production, making it accessible to individuals and businesses in various industries.

Pricing = Starts at $5.99

Free Trial = Yes

Visit D-ID Website

4. Pictory AI

Tool Type – AI Video Editor & Generator

Pictory AI leverages AI technology to transform long-form text and videos into visually stunning branded videos. With its impressive features such as creating shorts, utilizing stock footage and AI voiceovers, and an intuitive blog-to-video workflow editor, Pictory AI simplifies the process of video creation. It is perfect for designers, content creators, and businesses looking to enhance their visual storytelling and engage their audience through captivating videos.

Create Intro & Outro
Picture AI

Key Features

  • Create Shorts from Longer Videos: Pictory AI allows users to extract short clips from longer videos, making it easy to highlight key points and engage viewers.
  • Video Generation with Stock Footage and AI Voiceovers: Users can create visually stunning videos by utilizing stock footage, background music, and AI-generated voiceovers.
  • Impressive Blog-to-Video Workflow Editor: Pictory AI offers a user-friendly workflow editor that seamlessly converts written content from blogs into engaging video content.
  • Automatic Caption Generator: Pictory AI provides an automatic captioning feature, enhancing accessibility, boosting SEO, and saving time.

Best For

  • Designers, Content Creators, and Businesses: Pictory AI is ideal for those seeking an automated solution to transform long-form text and videos into visually appealing video content, enhancing their visual storytelling efforts.
  • YouTubers, Marketers, and Course Creators: Pictory AI is a valuable tool for individuals and professionals in the online space, enabling them to save time and create high-quality videos effortlessly.
  • Webinar, Podcast, and Zoom Recording Editing: Pictory AI simplifies the editing process by allowing users to edit videos using text, removing filler words, and adding captions to engage a wider audience.

Pricing = Starts at $19

Free Trial = Yes

Visit Pictori AI Website


The tools we have discussed offer a range of AI-powered solutions to increase productivity in different areas. Chat GPT acts as a versatile conversational AI assistant, streamlining communication and providing instant support for various tasks. Mid Journey enables users to effortlessly create captivating visuals with its AI text-to-image generation capabilities. D-ID’s generative AI technology transforms pictures and videos into extraordinary experiences, featuring talking avatars and real-time face animation. Lastly, Pictory AI simplifies the process of converting long-form text and videos into visually stunning branded videos. Leveraging these tools can allow individuals, businesses, and organizations to save time, enhance creativity, and streamline workflows, ultimately boosting productivity in their respective fields.

Video Created With AI

This video was created using the AI technology discussed in this article.